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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I arrange my own transport?

Yes, customers are welcome to arrange their own transport.  Please check out our transport page to determine the best type of truck to organise

Can we choose our own coloured container?

Shipping containers provided by SEA Containers NZ come in a variety of colours, however we can paint containers an array of colours at our workshops for an additional fee.  Please ask the team to send you a colour chart of the variety of colours we have (subject to availability at time of order).

Can we pick our own container?

YES – we recommend where possible customers visit one of our depots to choose the most appropriate container for their needs. We will happily show customers the variety of options available from our range of 8', 10', 20' or 40' dry containers to full modifications.  Remember when visiting the depot, you need to be suitable dressed (container depots are often dusty and/or muddy) with steel-capped boots due to health and safety regulations.  We will provide you with a high-vis vest however.  You will need to be signed in by one of the team, so please get in contact with your regional manager to book in a viewing time.

Do you deliver to regional areas?

Yes, we deliver to New Zealand wide with our advanced transport network.  Our range of containers are strategically positioned nationwide, so we can quickly offer you the best solution for your storage requirements.  

Click on the link here, to see where our containers are located.


Does the container just sit on the ground?

We highly recommend placing shipping containers level, to ensure easy opening of the doors - if your container is not level there could possibly be too much weight on the hinges which will effect the easy opening of the doors. At the same time we recommend the containers should be sitting on level blocks (such as sleeper logs) to allow air circulation under the container floor to help reduce damp rising up through the container.

How are they delivered?

We generally use either a swinglift truck, or hiab truck – both capable of self unloading. The type of delivery is generally dependent upon a number of factors relating to location and positioning and can be discussed in more detail at the time of booking.

Please check out our transport page for videos on how a Swinglift and HIAB truck works.

How do I pay for the container and transport?


We accept payment by bank transfer (you can find our bank account on the invoice emailed to you), in cash/company cheque/Eftpos/credit card (Visa/Master Card) or debit card.  If you wish to pay over the phone, please call our toll free number 0508 732-266 

Note - credit cards attract a service fee.

Unless on Account, all payments must be receipted prior to release of the container.

Any modification work requires a 50% deposit prior to any work commencing. Balance to be paid on completion.


If you are leasing a container, we have an option of paying by Direct Debit.  Please talk to the SEA Containers team to set up this function.


How heavy are shipping containers?

Empty Tare Weight
20 foot container 2.25 ton or 2200kg
40 foot container 4 ton or 3950kg

How long can I hire my container for?

The minimum lease period is 60 days.  There is no limit to length you can hire the container for.

How secure are shipping containers?

SEA Containers are very secure and quite difficult to vandalize. They are generally a great deterrent to thieves as they are difficult to break into and not commonly cut open. Most containers are locked using padlocks through the door handles. For extra security we can provide a lock box which effectively is a steel box welded to the front doors in which a padlock can be fitted and cannot be accessed via bolt cutters.

How will I be invoiced for my rented container?

Customers are invoiced monthly.  Payment can be made by credit card or direct debit.  

If we purchase shipping containers, will you buy them back at a later date?

Possibly, depending on the condition of the container and market demand.  The price will be subject to the market value at the time and any additional transport costs to pick up the container.

What about condensation in the container?

Like any enclosed space, condensation is a possibility. Most shipping containers are fitted with side vents and this assists the breathing of the container. Dependent upon what is stored in the container, we recommend the fitting of a ventilation unit (whirly bird) on the roof of the container and regular opening of the unit to allow airing, especially if you have personal effects stored. It is also important that nothing is stored in the unit that contains moisture for any length of time – i.e. wet material.

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