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Refrigerated Containers


Refrigerated Containers NZ

SEA Containers offers one of the largest ranges of new and used refrigerated containers for sale in NZ. Also known as reefers, these operate at temperatures between -20c and +25c, making our refrigerated containers ideal for the storage of temperature controlled products like food and drinks. To ensure you’re provided with a high-quality product, we comprehensively test our refrigerated containers prior to customer delivery. For complete peace-of-mind, all of our refrigerated containers in NZ are backed up with machine warranties.

New Refrigerated Containers

SEA Containers stocks and has access to a wide range of new refrigerated containers. Providing both 20ft and 40ft refrigerated containers for sale in NZ, we can ensure that you get the right unit to meet your unique requirements.

New refrigerated containers can serve a variety of purposes. While primarily utilised for logistics purposes, new refrigerated containers are well suited to events such as festivals, corporate outings and functions. Refrigerated containers are becoming increasingly popular amongst customers within the event market, as their excellent temperature control enables food and beverages to be stored safely for extended periods of time.

Used Refrigerated Containers

In addition to our new refrigerated containers, we also provide second-hand reefer containers for sale, available, primarily 20ft and 40ft in size. Our used reefer containers are a cost-effective and practical way to store or transport perishable goods.

Due to the insulated nature of the containers, many customers prefer to store products that require more consistent temperatures. For this purpose, we can also supply non-operating containers.

Refrigerated Containers for Hire

SEA Containers also provides refrigerated containers for hire, for those who only require a container on a temporary basis. With flexibility in mind, we can organise leasing plans for refrigerated containers for both short term and long term periods. To get an accurate price on hiring a refrigerated container, speak to one of the regional managers of SEA Containers. Our delivery service is fast, cheap and efficient.

Whether you’re looking to purchase one of our refrigerated containers or hire one for a short period, SEA Containers offer a nationwide network of experienced individuals ready to assist you.

For new and used refrigerated containers prices, contact our team today.



"We are having lots of fun getting the container organised and Stephen has been working in it already. Hadyn did a great job getting it on the spot and all is well- patio built and workbench ensconsed. 

We hugely appreciate your friendly and helpful style John, and it made the whole exercise stress free and SKY U is exactly what we needed. You understood and made it happen. Thankyou!"

Lesley and Stephen


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